WELCOME TO EARTH+HUMANITY.CO Here at E+H.CO, our goal is simple. We want to transform how our customers approach interior design. This new approach will not only allow you to create truly unique designs but also help heal our planet by re-using and upscaling previously owned pieces. In the process, we hope to bring more design options to a broader range of clients and leverage the community of creative minds in the design industry. E+H.CO is a local Toronto business that curates and renews old, unwanted, and vintage furniture. Our passion at E+H.CO is to reduce waste and give once loved furniture a new modern life and home. We also offer interior design packages curated with renewed and sourced budget-friendly furnishings and décor. Owner Brooke Young has extensive experience in interior design and furniture curating. With this knowledge, we can create one-of-a-kind collections that have the lasting effect that we would expect from a piece of furniture or décor made with new material today. We look forward to growing as a business, getting to know our clients, and welcoming fresh creative minds.